Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Biceps, Boxes, and 8 More Paychecks :)

Wedding planning has definitely taken a back burner as I've been working like a mule lately... Boy howdy, wedding dresses sure do get heavy!
Hauling dresses around all day, shoving them in the racks, putting them on brides, and trying to control the madness of mothers wanting to try every dress in the store on their daughters, has definintely left it's impact- on my biceps! Definition and form are abounding as my sweet little guns gain strength! I may not have any leg strength left after quitting track, but I sure can carry around 50lb dresses ;)

In my free time (from about 9:30pm- 11pm) is my "wedding planning" and preping time. This is my time to work on our marriage counseling book, pack my things, finish my invitations, and work on all my other wedding plans! So from now I have about 3 mos. to plan the rest of my wedding. Crazy!!

I've started sorting through my things- tossing out the old to make room for storing the new! I just finished going through my closet and organizing my clothes so that when moving time comes, I'll be prepared and know exactly what clothes go where. I even packed up my shoes that I won't be needing between now and the wedding! I have so many boxes in my room its overwhelming... Boxes of wedding decor and such, boxes of old stuff to throw out, boxes of things for our new house, and even more boxes of just memories and the stuff I know I'll find use for later in my own house. So much stuff!

So now that I'm really in "bride" mode, I've begun to count in different ways. I've learned tricks to come up with the smallest sounding amount of time possible, or, if I'm stressed out, to come up with the largest sounding number possible. Right now though, I'm liking smaller numbers... Like the fact that I will be standing at the alter in only 8 more paychecks. Did you read that?! 8 MORE PAYCHECKS!!

Ahh... So excited :D

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