Friday, April 22, 2011

Lovely Locks...

I have spent a fairly decent amount of time trying to find the "perfect" hairstyle for my wedding day. There are so many gorgeous styles out there, but it's hard to decide on one when I haven't seen them on myself yet! But I never tire of looking. There's always something new and exciting I find, and something I want to try! I'm definitely not going for a traditional, polished, or princess look. I want something that is unmistakably "me"! Almost bohemian, but with a touch of girly class. Here are some of my favorites I have found so far :) Tell me what you think!

I'm a huge fan of braids! They are so pretty, and timeless, and they are definitely not traditional for a wedding :)

Long and lovely is another look I'm completely drawn to. It is beautiful and so elegant!

Headbands give these looks a very unique feel. I love that these can bring a bohemian vibe, and even though they are incredibly pretty, they add an element of casual ease.

So now it's your turn. What are you doing/ what did you do for your wedding? And tell me what you think of my inspiration! Which is your favorite??


  1. Hey Jackie! This is Lauren Cross btw. Congrats to you! I love the blog! I just stumbled across it when I was on Becca Stanton's blog! Wedding planning is so much fun, isn't it?! Feel free to check out my blog - PS: you should apply to be a wedding bee blogger!! You'd be perfect! (

  2. I love the braids or the headbands with the long tossled look. They are so cute and seem like they would fit perfect with what you're going for. I'm sure you'll look gorgeous in whatever you choose!


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