Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Engagement Jar

December 17, 2010 was the day that Austin proposed to me (read that story Here.) After he proposed, he had each of us write a letter, but we weren’t allowed to read them. We rolled them up and buried them in a jar at the base of our tree. One year later, we drove back up to the mountain. After searching, we finally found our tree and dug up the jar we had buried with our love notes. It was such a romantic time! Being up in the forest with complete silence and just being able to focus on each other was so precious. We just laughed and cried and talked about how much things have changed since tying the knot! I think I’m going to frame the letters and put them up in our room :)



When we first got up there, we had to try and find the trail that would lead us to our tree…



We found our first pink ribbon to lead the way! It’s amazing they stayed there for a whole year with all the weather! Then we found the second… And then we saw it…



It was covered in sap, but the heart was still there!



Austin knew exactly where he had buried the jar at the base of the tree! He stuck the shovel in and *clink*!






It was so beautiful and peaceful at the top of the mountain. I think I could live in the forest!





We’re so lucky to have each other :)



How wonderful is this place?! It was almost like a fairytale!



Our beautiful jar…



Our hiking shoes! We forgot to pick up my boots while we were at his parent’s house getting the shovel! Thank goodness I had these little shoes in the truck!



We read our letters out loud…



You can’t see it here, but I was definitely crying :)



It was a perfect day!

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