Thursday, February 16, 2012


I’ve been thinking about motherhood a lot lately. I’m not necessarily ready to be a mother myself, but I’m a girl! I just can’t help it :) Sometimes I’m anxious to be a mother- to bring a life into this world can be a scary thing! I’m scared to be responsible for someone’s life and have them be completely and entirely dependent on me. Which is also the reason I want to be a mother. I have this nurturing side of me that is feeling a little unfulfilled. I’m not at home with my younger siblings, and I don’t have any pets! So the baby bug has been growing…

A and I have spent a lot of time talking about kids… what our expectations are going to be of our children, and what kind of parents we want to be. I know that talking about parenting styles doesn’t mean we have it all figured out. The real test will come with the kids themselves!

I decided to get my baby fix by spending time with A’s sis and her family. We had such a sweet day! While big sissy was taking a nap, and the men were grocery shopping, Ash and I just got to spend some time talking and laughing together. Ash and her husband are wonderful parents, and I love gleaning wisdom from my conversations with her! We spent a good part of the afternoon laying on her bed with the baby, chatting about things she’s learned between parenting her daughter and her son. I feel so lucky to (now) have an older sister and friend- it’s so nice to have someone closer to the same place in life that I am (and I’m excited to have these times with my little sisters as they grow up!).

I loved watching the precious bond between mother and child- every time she kissed him, he nuzzled in closer! What a blessing the love they share is- it’s amazing how we were created as women to love and nurture, and that’s what babies need to grow and develop properly! As scary as it can be, I know my life will never be complete without the wonder and joy of a little life to treasure, and raise up!



  1. Being a mother is the scariest, most glorious, most exhausting, joy-filled, difficult, emotionally draining, fulfilling, inspiring thing I have ever done...I love it. God put that desire in us women to be mothers-it is a beautiful thing!

    1. I agree- such a beautiful blessing :)And I can't wait!


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