Thursday, May 10, 2012

Feeling Convicted...

Lately, as the sun comes out and I want to open all the windows and enjoy the sunshine, I've been feeling convicted. When I open the windows and let in the light, I see DUST! Everywhere! I start to look around, and that's when I notice all the little things out of place. There are piles of junk mail on the table, empty wrappers on the coffee table, old drinking  glasses scattered throughout the house... Not to mention the laundry that has somehow taken over our bedroom again (I just spent a good 4hrs cleaning our bedroom about 3wks ago!). Don't get me wrong, I vaccuum on a regular basis and keep things clean... It's just that I've let go of the "a place for everything, and everything in its place" idea.

I get so frazzled sometimes. How does this happen?! How do I let it get like this time, and time again??

I grew up with an exceptionally clean mom- and very organized too! We had schedules for our chores and if they weren't done up to the set standard, we did them again. She'd say "It's my job as mom to prepare you for when you're a wife and homemaker." I'm so glad my mom raised me this way, and I so greatly appreciate her attention to detail! But it seemed like as I got older, my bedroom was always a disaster. There is something about a "lived-in" space that I find kind of comforting! I don't have to worry if I sit on the bed and mess the covers up, because, it's already messy! I think having a super tidy mom made my pendulum swing too far the opposite way. It's easy to let that happen in life, but finding balance is so very important.

Now as I'm sitting in my living room surrounded by mess, I've realized that- yes, I'm saying it- MOM WAS RIGHT. I hated doing the chores and more often than not, I ended up doing them more than once. But she was preparing me. She was preparing me for adulthood, for responsibility, for taking care of a home and husband- and eventually children! My husband works so that we can live comfortably, and I should at the very least be able to keep a clean home for him to live in. I think of it as a respect thing :)

I'm feeling convicted to have more respect for my husband by doing my part, to show better stewardship of the precious things God has blessed me with, and to strive to be a Proverbs 31 hardworking woman (I still don't think I'll be rising with the sun, however).

How do you all do in this area? Any tips on staying organized or motivated? Please share!

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  1. My trick with laundry is to throw it on the bed or couch where i have to fold it before bed or while i watch tv. I struggle with clutter too!


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