Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving | Christmas

This year was not only our first time hosting Thanksgiving, but it was also our first Thanksgiving in our new house! It was so sweet to have my family drive all this way to stay with us, and heck, we even knocked out our family Christmas while we were all together! ;)

I could write a huge list of all the things I’m thankful for, but I think that might take a while. I’ll just be short, and share the few most important things that warm my heart:

1. The beautiful gift of Salvation that Jesus Christ so lovingly has provided for not only me, but for anyone willing to die to him/herself and live new through Him.

2. My husband. He is a solid rock, an encourager, a light, and a leader. I could not live a day without him and his constant love for me… though sometimes I’m sure I make him a little crazy!

3. My family. My parents are Godly, sacrificing, and loving beyond measure- and I can’t imagine who else would laugh as hard with me at funny animal pictures other than my mom! My siblings are beautiful, silly, and always make me feel like a child again when we giggle together over things like “toots” ;) Gotta love their young humor!! My in-law family is so fun, uplifting, and always there when we need them- I’m SO blessed to say that I LOVE my in-laws!

4. All the needs and wants God has provided for. We always have food in our bellies, a roof over our heads, and clothes on our bodies. We have more than we need, and can’t count the ways we’ve been provided for.

Our Thanksgiving




_MG_5681 _MG_5680





Take after big sis with her little camera ;)






I made a smoked cheddar & green onion cheese ball! SO delicious!!!



This is what the after effects of a good meal look like :)







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