Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fourteen Days of Austin

Today is the officical two week mark until my wedding day, and I couldn't be more excited! Normally, my evenings are spent on the phone with my handsome fiance, discussing song choices, what beverages we will have, and making sure all the little details are falling into place. But not tonight. Tonight is Austin's bachelor party! I truly am excited for him to have a night free of all my gabbing on and on, making lists of things I'm forgetting, and him trying to help me understand it's a whole lot of hulabaloo for just one day. Whew... he must feel some sort of relief!

While he is out relaxing with his man friends, I am home still working on plans. I have emailed the florist, finished the "Just" part of our "Just Married" sign, and updated my linen order (Secretly, I also enjoyed an episode of "sTORIbook weddings" and gleaned much wisdom from Tori and Dean). And now I get to write a post about all my hard work!

Actually, my intentions with this post are very different from that of most of my others. Tonight I want to start the 14 days of Austin. This is a pretty big committment for me- I usually have a hard time keeping my posts updated! Originally I wanted to start this on the first day of the official countdown at 10 days... But I'm just too excited to wait! :)

Here's what's going to happen. the 14 Days of Austin are all about... Austin! Everyday I will share a reason I love him or how he is special to me (maybe even both!). Because this is not pre-planned out, don't take them as being in any sort of order or levels of importance.

I invite you to share with me now in the sweet, sweet love of almost-marriage!

Day 14 of Austin shall follow...

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