Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY Jewelry Box

The box I started with was a desk top organizer with a glass lid (you could just as easily use a drawer utensil organizer). I picked it up at Craft Warehouse for only $9! It was raw, unfinished wood, so I started by painting it white. Because, of course, I paint EVERYTHING white! :)


I had some curly branches that have just been sitting in the corner for lack of a vase to put them in. So I figured I'd put them to use. I just measured using my fingers and cut the twigs with scissors. I measured them just slightly larger than the width of the slot, and pushed them in place. Because they were a tight fit, they stay in place without any glue.

For the ring holder, I used E-600 industrial strength glue. I put a dab on the box, and a dab on the bottom of the twig. I waited 2 minutes for the glue to become tacky, and them put them together. I had to hold the twig in place for about 3 minutes before it stayed put on its own.

The whole project took about 2 days for me because I did two layers of paint and let it dry in between. But it was so worth it!

Austin screwed hooks in the back for me, and I'm hanging it on the wall in my bedroom!

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