Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day Thirteen of Austin...

I am not a very daring or adventurous soul. In fact, the very moment I feel any bit of change or that something is different from what I am used to or comfotable with, I just want to stop. I don't like change! It's like going into a restaurant and ordering something new off the menu (You all know exactly what I'm talking about... Don't try to pretend you don't order the same bean and cheese burrito every time you go to El Gitano)! The only thing I'm ok with changing is my clothes and the arrangement of my furniture :)

For a man who likes adventure and "fun things" like fishing and mudding in his truck, I know I can be boring. I don't like driving too fast or too close to the car in front of us, I don't like cutting my hair different because I might not like it, and I epecially don't do anything that would spike an adrenaline rush (except in sports... that's my one exception). I could never paint my walls lime green or buy a beautiful berry colored sofa. I always am afraid I won't like something once I do it. But Austin knows how many things I miss out on. He has really pushed me to open up and broaden my horizons. Sometimes when I'm with him I just have to accept that a little adventure may happen, and I'm learning to be okay with that :)

Austin has shown me that sometimes, you have to go outside of your comfort zone! Sometimes it's just small things in life like food or fashion, and other times it's big things like living out my faith. Regardless, he has always supported me when I'm afraid to do something I might not like. His wonderful arms hold me close and his eyes tell me everything will be okay no matter what. I love his support and his ability to encourage me.

Thanks for supporting me, love. You're the best shoulder to lean on and have new adventures with :)

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  1. Jackie I love these posts about Austin! He sounds perfect for you!


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